Irish tourist found murdered in Canacona , Goa

Goa is again proving to be an unsafe place for single women. After the murder of perfumer Monika Ghurde in Sangolda in october 2016, the media reported that an irish tourist Danielle Mclaughin was found murdered in a field in Canacona, near Palolem beach on 14 March 2017. A day earlier she was spotted celebrating Holi with some people in goa and drinking beer profusely, She had come to goa in february and was initially staying at Arambol in north goa . A few days ago she had relocated to Canacona in south goa
The murder also bought back memories of the death of british teen Scarlett Keeling in Goa in 2008 and has been covered in the media worldwide, especially in the united kingdom. Whether the murder will affect tourism in goa, only time will tell.

Travel related advertising offline

Most of the travel related companies like hotels, restaurants, car hire companies, airlines are advertising extensively offline and online also. In most newsmagazines, a majority of the advertising is often related to travel, hotels, as most other industry sectors do not have very high profit margins. Advertising in mainstream magazines is expensive, only high end hotels and others have the profit which allows them to advertise in national magazines
Specialized travel related magazines have even more advertisements, for hotels, restaurant, tour package organizers, travel agents, allowing them to easily cover the cost of printing the magazine. However there are relatively few travel related magazines, because few can afford to subscribe to the magazines. Also mainstream magazines offer carry a review of new city or town in every issue of the magazine.

Demonetization, tourism and election results

In Uttar Pradesh a large section of the population is poor, so demonetization did not adversely affect them as they had less money. On the hand, in Goa, a large number of tourists visiting goa have a lot of black money, which they spend lavishly in goa, without being monitored or having a report filed to the income tax department. So due to demonetization, many people found that their stock of black money had decreased to a very great extent, and they could not visit goa or other popular tourist places on a holiday, spending money lavishly.
This must have adversely affected the tourists visiting goa especially during the peak holiday season of December January 2017, and the hotel owners and others related to the trade could not make much money or offer employment to locals. When a business is not doing well, one of the first casualty are the employees and vendors, there is less money available for payment.

The idle people with no jobs in the tourism sector may have joined the opposition parties in campaigning, resulting in losses for sitting MLAs in many places in goa in assembly elections. The tourism sector was the worst affected by demonetization, though the media has not honestly analyzed the effect.

Aadhar card compulsory for online train booking

Though the indian railways launched online train booking many years ago, it has been plagued by online fraud, and the media has reported that a large number of fraudsters, hackers have committed online fraud and got away with it. So the media reported that the indian railways was making Aadhar card, compulsory for online train booking in future to prevent agents from bulk booking of train tickets.
Rail travel is the cheapest mode of travel from one place to another in many places in India, and there are many who take advantage to make a profit from reselling the train tickets. Some indian citizens, especially in the internet sector, do not have an Aadhar card, because they have been subjected to identity theft attempts for several years, so they will not be able to book online

However if the railways had better systems, ntro employees were not so corrupt, dishonest, shameless, with misplaced priorities like promoting, getting government jobs for their relatives, girlfriends with fake resumes, fake work, the online fraud related to ticket booking could be reduced greatly

Ticket prices to goa increase during Holi weekend

Due to the lack of job opportunities in Goa, a large number of goans go to the neighbouring states, metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru for a job . They would like to visit their home in Goa during the holiday weekend, however now the bus, train and air ticket prices have increased drastically as the operators try to take advantage of the increased demand.
Mainly salaried people are making a lot of money , and they have to compromise between using up their paid leave and high ticket prices. For example the cost of a one way ticket to Mumbai or Bengaluru by bus is usually less than Rs 1000 per person on a normal weekday. However for the Holi weekend in 2017, the ticket prices have increased to more than Rs 2000 per ticket for luxury buses according to media reports.
In 2017, Holi is celebrated on 13 March 2017, Monday, and many salaried people would like to combine their weekend holiday on 11, 12 March 2017 to get a 3 day official holiday.

Electricity supply and visiting a particular place

Many tourists to goa like to go shopping, visiting the local marketplaces should be aware of the fact that lack of electricity can make the visit dangerous. When there is no electricity, or lighting, it is dangerous for any person to be outside his or her home, as the person is more like to be targetted by criminals, or meet with an accident due to the lack of lighting.

The media reported that the electricity supply to panaji, market had been cut off since March 6, 2017, again indicating the misplaced priorities of the powerful intelligence and security agencies in goa. They should aware of the fact that it was not advisable to visit the panaji marketplace after 6 pm due to the lack of electricity in many area during this period. The power supply has since been restored on 10.3.2017

NTRO ‘s sex queen goan R&AW employee sunaina, “sunny” now inspiring ads on buses in Goa

The most notorious R&AW employee online is the google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari sex queen sunaina, “sunny” and as a tribute to the most powerful and notorious VVIP call girl R&AW employee , a condom company has now started advertising on all the buses and at panaji bus stand .
With the help of her powerful relatives, lovers in ntro, cbi, google, tata, goa’s most famous sex queen was given charge of the area around panaji bus stand, and naturally to celebrate the event, the condom company also started advertising at panaji bus stand, with their rather risque ads featuring sunny leone
Now slowly the general public in goa is becoming aware of goa’s most famous sex queen R&AW employee sunaina, and the goa womans commission has objected to the ads at the panaji bus stand, and on Kadamba buses
However as long as NTRO, CBI continue to falsely promote sunaina, sex expert, as a domain investor and online expert, she will continue to be the inspiration for condom and other similar ads

Weather conditions affecting travel

Though people are forced to travel due to business or personal reasons, it is not very advisable to travel to some areas due to weather conditions. For example Mumbai is some times flooded during the monsoon and it is very difficult to reach a particular place or go shopping due to waterlogging. So it is advisable to check the weather conditions in the city or destination before deciding to go on a holiday. In some cases poor weather can be fatal, like the floods in Uttarakhand a few years ago, which caused a large number of deaths including pilgrims visiting holy places

Additionally it is not advisable to travel to some places due to security or health reasons. If there is an epidemic in a particular area, it is not recommended to visit that area, as the disease may be highly contagious. For example visitors to some areas should take a yellow fever vaccine, otherwise they will be quarantined for some time when they return so that doctors can find out if they have the disease. Additionally if they are communal or caste riots or other disturbances it is advisable to avoid visiting the area, as a person not familiar with the region will not get any help at all.

Events affecting travel to specific area

When some important government events like the BRICs summit in goa is taking place, due to security considerations, some areas may not be accessible to the tourists, and traffic jams are likely to take place due to traffic restrictions. Holidayers planning their trip to the city or state should be aware of this, and avoid coming to the state during the period as they may waste their time in traffic jams and not visit some places in the state

So though the indian government has launched the beti padao beti bachao, in reality in India in 2016, cruel criminal NTRO, security agency officials are ruthless in stalking and torturing highly educated women, especially in panaji, causing great pain, headache and healthcare problems as they try to cause cancer and make her penniless. If the brilliant obc woman did not have a btech 1993 EE degree, studying, working so hard, the criminal ntro, security agency officials, especially in goa would not torture her daily causing great pain to kill her at the earliest. The government should make the slogan “beti ko btech degree, ntro, security agencies cancer denge, torture karenge” The only way to escape the torture is to leave the area .

Why people are forced to travel

Idealism and honesty has largely died in India in 2016 as cbi, ntro are rewarding lazy greedy mediocre frauds with great powers, government jobs as reward for their laziness, lies and cheating. So the victims of radiation torture are finding it extremely difficult to get any medical help to diagnose and reduce or eliminate the great pain that they endure daily. Most doctors are refusing to acknowledge that the problem of cell damage due to radiation damage exists. So the best way a person can find out whether there is a internal problem in the body or the pain is due to radiaton is to travel to another place, preferably in another city or town at least a few kilometers away . The radiation pain will usually disappear after travelling, while other internal health problems will remain.

Torturing a harmless citizen with high power microwave radiation to cause pain is a fairly complex task, and sophisticated microwave weapons and a trained operator will be required for locating and targetting the person in his or her home . So the companies or individuals (usually relatives or enemies) will only be able to pay an operator in one particular area for microwave radiation torture of their target. If a person will keep travelling from one place to another, it will be difficult for the contract killers to attack their victim. Like government employees these officials/contract killers are posted in a particular area, and cannot track their victim in another city or town as they have to remain in a specified office. As a result a large number of tourists in Goa are coming from other places in India on a holiday