Demonetization, tourism and election results

In Uttar Pradesh a large section of the population is poor, so demonetization did not adversely affect them as they had less money. On the hand, in Goa, a large number of tourists visiting goa have a lot of black money, which they spend lavishly in goa, without being monitored or having a report filed to the income tax department. So due to demonetization, many people found that their stock of black money had decreased to a very great extent, and they could not visit goa or other popular tourist places on a holiday, spending money lavishly.
This must have adversely affected the tourists visiting goa especially during the peak holiday season of December January 2017, and the hotel owners and others related to the trade could not make much money or offer employment to locals. When a business is not doing well, one of the first casualty are the employees and vendors, there is less money available for payment.

The idle people with no jobs in the tourism sector may have joined the opposition parties in campaigning, resulting in losses for sitting MLAs in many places in goa in assembly elections. The tourism sector was the worst affected by demonetization, though the media has not honestly analyzed the effect.