Relatives of foreign tourists who died in Goa write to Prime Minister

The death of Irishwoman Danielle Mclaughin was the latest in the long list of mysterious deaths in Goa and beneath the glamour and hype goa has a very dangerous party and clubbing scene, where the vulnerable are ruthlessly exploited, destroyed and killed . While the news of the great goan identity theft fraud on a domain investor has been published online, not enough information is available about the mysterious deaths of foreigners in goa , including Caitanya Holt, Felix Dahl and Scarlett Keeling, as the deaths have been covered up
Now the media reported that the relatives of 10 tourists in Goa who had died in mysterious circumstances have written to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for a proper investigation into the death, and to find out who exactly was involved in the murder of these innocent tourists . In some cases, the body was badly mangled , yet the death was dismissed as a drowning, indicating that a cover up took place.