Spitting is widespread in Goa

The indian government is wasting a lot of money on swach bharat campaign, however security agencies, who are indian government employees, especially in goa are encouraging their associates to spit in public places which creates a very wrong impression, dirtying the place. If only uneducated people were spitting, it could be understood, however it appears that many young educated people are spitting on the pavement and on the road. For example some time ago, near the PWD office in St Inez, a young woman driving a scooter, wear a black and white tshirt, and black jeans was spotted spitting on the pavement.
On 23 April 2017, near Caculo Mall, St Inez, at around 7.15 pm, a man wearing a tshirt, with a blue shoulders seated on a motorcycle with number plate 8747 was waiting, he spat on the footpath and then slowly drove the motorcycle away.
It appears that the man on the motorcycle was associated with the organized stalking gang which has been stalking the domain investor since 2010, to cause mental stress and force her to agree to identity theft.
When security agency employees who are getting a monthly indian government salary are openly encouraging their associates to spit on the road, what kind of cleanliness can the government expect from other indian citizens