Jet Airways may be adversely affected by travel restrictions to the United States

The United States is one of the most popular travel destination for tourists all over the world as it has well maintained monuments, wildlife reserves, museums, entertainment and gambling centers. However due to security concerns, passengers travelling by air from some middle eastern countries are no longer allowed to carry electronic devices larger than a smart phone in their hand luggage.
According to media reports the airports are
Abu Dhabi
These are some of the most busiest middle eastern airport and it will be very inconvenient for those who have expensive laptops or laptops have imporant information. Approximately 2.7 million indians are visiting the United states annually and 49% of these travellers are using Jet Airways, middle east carriers like Etihad, Emirates, Qatar aiways which are mainly flying to middle east and then to the united states. This will be extremely inconvenient for the IT sector as the laptop may be damaged or even stolen when kept in the checkin luggage

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