After murder of Irish tourist , many tourists plan to leave goa

The shocking murder of the Irish tourist Danielle Mclaughin on March 13, 2017 , allegedly by a history sheeter Vikat Bhagat in Canacona has forced many tourists to goa to rethink their travel plans to the state . In goa, the culture of betrayal and exploitation is very widespread, in other states of india and other parts of the world, especially western countries people are more honest and do not cheat others because it is not acceptable. The goan gsb fraud diploma holder R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar who committed corporate espionage on the domain investor when she trusted her, is one of the many goans who have profited from betrayal

In other parts of india, there are relatively few foreign tourists , however a large number of tourists flock to goa, during winter to escape the freezing weather in their home countries. Realizing this, there are many gangs of anti social elements which specialize in luring tourists, especially female tourists with their sweet words to loot them of their money.

Many tourists who were friends with Danielle are shocked by the murder and plan to leave goa , to holiday in some other state or country