Stayzilla exposes the risk of doing business in India

The media reported that the police had arrested the founder of Stayzilla, Vasupal because he had not paid an advertising agency Jigsaw Rs 1.72 crore that he owed them. Stayzilla, which was marketed as an alternative to Oyo rooms, in India, has allegedly stopped accepting bookings from March 1, 2017, because it was making losses.
This highlights a problem in the indian internet sector, which the indian mainstream media refuses to highlight. Most of the small online business owners in India are making losses, however if they do not spend enough money, the extremely corrupt greedy ntro, security, tata, google, employees are labelling them as a security threat, to steal their retirement savings without a court order, resume, correspondence
If a business is making very little money, the business owner should be frugal to remain in operation, instead fraud companies like tata and their associates are stealing the hard earned money of the business owner, without a court order so that google, tata sponsored goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi servicing ntro, cbi, security agency employees, relatives of fraud indian intelligence employees, riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar can get R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary.

Why is the small online business owner expected to give up her hard earned money, retirement savings , so that google, tata have their prostitutes like sunaina,siddhi, puppets like nayanshree , riddhi nayak appointed to R&AW/CBI falsely claiming to have the resume, investment of the small business owner. It is time that the fraud officials involved in the theft of the savings of small business owners are exposed.

If a small business owner with low revenues does not spend much money, the fraud sex worker promoting google, tata employees are falsely labelling them a security threat and stealing their hard earned retirement savings without a court order. On the other hand, the Stayzilla founders were spending money lavishly and now they find that they are facing police cases for non payment, exposing the fact the fraud liar tata employees do not have the right to slander online business owners with extremely low revenues.
In case of non payment, the case will not be filed against the tata employees, it is the online business owner who has to pay the debts, so the tata employees have no right to interfere, make fake allegations that a frugal person is a security threat.