Importance of travel news

Though people are forced to travel due to business or personal reasons, it is not very advisable to travel to some areas due to weather conditions. For example Mumbai is some times flooded during the monsoon and it is very difficult to reach a particular place or go shopping due to waterlogging. So it is advisable to check the weather conditions in the city or destination before deciding to go on a holiday. In some cases poor weather can be fatal, like the floods in Uttarakhand a few years ago, which caused a large number of deaths including pilgrims visiting holy places

Additionally it is not advisable to travel to some places due to security or health reasons. If there is an epidemic in a particular area, it is not recommended to visit that area, as the disease may be highly contagious. For example visitors to some areas should take a yellow fever vaccine, otherwise they will be quarantined for some time when they return so that doctors can find out if they have the disease. Additionally if they are communal or caste riots or other disturbances it is advisable to avoid visiting the area, as a person not familiar with the region will not get any help at all.

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