Important travel related information

However many of the travellers coming to goa and elsewhere do not have access to the latest travel news and information which could help them get a better deal. Some of the information which they require includes :

  • Weather conditions like floods
  • Safety, local disturbances
  • local accomodation
  • local food
  • transport within the city, town or area
  • sightseeing, local entertainment
  • shopping locally
  • price variations
  • other events like important sports, government events which could affect traffic and other arrrangements

Though people spend a lot of money on a holiday they usually are unable to do proper research because accurate information is not available online or offline. Online in India, website owners are discouraged from posting any negative news, saying that it will affect the reputation of India, so after travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometers for a holiday, some people do not have any idea of what they should be doing after they check in to a hotel. While some hotels have tie ups with local guides, transporters and tour operators, in other hotels, tourists have very limited options for their visitors.

Bringing travel news, trends

Best travel news and information
Travel news, information, travel deals, facilities, transport, weather, deals, safety
In addition to the house where a family stays and the car they drive, the place where they go for a holiday, travel has become a status symbol
While the history of a place does not change drastically , tourists are advised to have updated information about a particular place before planning their trip to the place to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Information on this website is mainly compiled from the mainstream media, with additional inputs from observations on tourists in a popular tourism destinations

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