Travelling on a holiday, for business and healthcare reasons


Kindly note that no R&AW, CBI or indian intelligence employee( or their MICROCHIPPED ASSOCIATE) is associated with this website in any way because they do not want to invest any money online or do any work online, yet want to make FAKE CLAIMS about owning this and other websites, domain names, doing work online to get a monthly salary of $300 each from the indian government, cheating and exploiting the real domain investor who is getting nothing at all, despite paying all the expenses and having the indian security agencies, cbi steal her retirement savings without a a court order or legally valid reason. Shameless powerful CBI, ntro officials in India are greater frauds, liars than nigerian fraudsters falsely claiming SEX EXPERTS sleeping with them like sunaina , cheater housewives and other frauds own this website

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Increasingly intelligence and security agency officials in some areas have access to extremely sophisticated microwave weapons which allows them to cause microwave burns, great pain, memory loss, insomnia to harmless indian citizens without a court order or legally valid reason. While officially they are only supposed to use it against real troublemakers, since the equipment is extremely sophisticated with a provision for deniability, these officials are increasingly freelancing as contract killers for corporates and individuals , misusing the microwave equipment to cause microwave burns, great pain, cancer to harmless citizens in the area under their control. The only way to escape these cruel criminal powerful officials is to keep travelling, as the range of these microwave weapons is limited.

Idealism and honesty has largely died in India in 2016 as cbi, ntro are rewarding lazy greedy mediocre frauds with great powers, government jobs as reward for their laziness, lies and cheating. So the victims of radiation torture are finding it extremely difficult to get any medical help to diagnose and reduce or eliminate the great pain that they endure daily. Most doctors are refusing to acknowledge that the problem of cell damage due to radiation damage exists. So the best way a person can find out whether there is a internal problem in the body or the pain is due to radiaton is to travel to another place, preferably in another city or town at least a few kilometers away . The radiation pain will usually disappear after travelling, while other internal health problems will remain.

Torturing a harmless citizen with high power microwave radiation to cause pain is a fairly complex task, and sophisticated microwave weapons and a trained operator will be required for locating and targetting the person in his or her home . So the companies or individuals (usually relatives or enemies) will only be able to pay an operator in one particular area for microwave radiation torture of their target. If a person will keep travelling from one place to another, it will be difficult for the contract killers to attack their victim. Like government employees these officials/contract killers are posted in a particular area, and cannot track their victim in another city or town as they have to remain in a specified office. As a result a large number of tourists in Goa are coming from other places in India on a holiday

However many of the travellers coming to goa and elsewhere do not have access to the latest travel news and information which could help them get a better deal. Some of the information which they require includes :
  • Weather conditions like floods
  • Safety, local disturbances
  • local accomodation
  • local food
  • transport within the city, town or area
  • sightseeing, local entertainment
  • shopping locally
  • price variations
  • other events like important sports, government events which could affect traffic and other arrrangements

Though people spend a lot of money on a holiday they usually are unable to do proper research because accurate information is not available online or offline. Online in India, website owners are discouraged from posting any negative news, saying that it will affect the reputation of India, so after travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometers for a holiday, some people do not have any idea of what they should be doing after they check in to a hotel. While some hotels have tie ups with local guides, transporters and tour operators, in other hotels, tourists have very limited options for their visitors.

For example for a hotel in north goa, there are almost no options available for the tourist other than hiring a expensive vehicle to visit the local beaches. These vehicles are charging Rs 1500 or more for less than 8 hours, which some tourists may not be able to afford, On the other hand, bus tours are available for north goa or south goa for as little as Rs 250 per person showing all the beaches, churches, temples which is far more affordable. However most tourists are not aware that these tours are available, and there is little information available online and offline, unless the tourist spends a lot of time researching

When some important government events like the BRICs summit in goa is taking place, due to security considerations, some areas may not be accessible to the tourists, and traffic jams are likely to take place due to traffic restrictions. Holidayers planning their trip to the city or state should be aware of this, and avoid coming to the state during the period as they may waste their time in traffic jams and not visit some places in the state

So though the indian government has launched the beti padao beti bachao, in reality in India in 2016, cruel criminal NTRO, security agency officials are ruthless in stalking and torturing highly educated women, especially in panaji, causing great pain, headache and healthcare problems as they try to cause cancer and make her penniless. If the brilliant obc woman did not have a btech 1993 EE degree, studying, working so hard, the criminal ntro, security agency officials, especially in goa would not torture her daily causing great pain to kill her at the earliest. The government should make the slogan "beti ko btech degree, ntro, security agencies cancer denge, torture karenge" .

Though people are forced to travel due to business or personal reasons, it is not very advisable to travel to some areas due to weather conditions. For example Mumbai is some times flooded during the monsoon and it is very difficult to reach a particular place or go shopping due to waterlogging. So it is advisable to check the weather conditions in the city or destination before deciding to go on a holiday. In some cases poor weather can be fatal, like the floods in Uttarakhand a few years ago, which caused a large number of deaths including pilgrims visiting holy places

Additionally it is not advisable to travel to some places due to security or health reasons. If there is an epidemic in a particular area, it is not recommended to visit that area, as the disease may be highly contagious. For example visitors to some areas should take a yellow fever vaccine, otherwise they will be quarantined for some time when they return so that doctors can find out if they have the disease. Additionally if they are communal or caste riots or other disturbances it is advisable to avoid visiting the area, as a person not familiar with the region will not get any help at all.

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Often there is very little accurate and updated information available, even on popular tourist spots like goa in India. The information in the local newspapers is highly censored and most of the local goan websites do not have the resources to update their websites regularly enough to provide detailed information and updates for visitors to goa, including the latest facilities and recreation available for the tourists. A website or agency providing accurate and useful information will be of great help to visitors to the state.
"To abandon India to the rule of the Brahmins would be an act of cruel and wicked negligence. It would shame for ever those who bore its guilt. These Brahmins who mouth and patter the principles of Western Liberalism, and pose as philosophic and democratic politicians, are the same Brahmins who deny the primary rights of existence to nearly sixty millions of their own fellow countrymen, nor treat them as human beings" - Prophetic words of Winston Spencer Churchill, British Prime Minister.

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Any information related to the travel, travel deals, fake engineers in indian intelligence and security agencies, will be greatly appreciated. Today to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply , large companies in the indian tech and internet sector, allegedly google, tata are involved in major impersonation frauds on honest, hardworking experienced engineers from top colleges, and the indian mainstream media refuses to cover the fraud, so that google can continue to make a huge profit.

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